International Payments

TurnPointFX is a leading provider of foreign currency exchange services and international payments.  With TurnPointFX, you can easily:

  • Create and execute Spot, Forwards, and Window Forward Contracts.

  • Choose from several different settlement methods including: Wires, CHAPS, BACS, SEPA.

  • Manage split payments and batch upload.

  • Full adherence to international banking and compliance requirements.

  • Comprehensive transaction reports.

  • Payment Automation

  • ERP Integration

Currency Risk Management

Our experienced risk management team will work in partnership with your company to create comprehensive risk mitigation strategies.  TurnPointFX offers a full range of risk hedging services including:

Free risk management consultation - Creating custom strategies is at the core of good quality risk management.  We provide a free risk management consultation to develop the most optimal strategy for your business.  

Through this consultation we will:

  • Develop an understanding of your business;

  • Gauge your company’s attitude toward risk;

  • Identify areas where your company is open to risk exposure, and;

  • Develop a mutual and aligned set of goals and metrics.

Through this process, we will develop a risk management strategy that mitigates  your risk and exposure, protects your balance sheet, and identifies opportunities to enhance your financial position.


Advisory Services

Establish an FX Policy

  • Risk Evaluation

  • Derivative Accounting

  • Customized Transaction Consulting

  • Global Asset/Liability Management

  • Liquidity Event Risk Management

Our Global Product Suite Includes

  • Forwards

  • Window Forwards

  • Currency Options

  • Non-deliverable Forwards

  • Cross-Currency Swaps

International Treasury Management

  • Multi Currency Accounts

  • Review treasury practices

  • Analyze payment processes

  • Identify working capital efficiencies

  • Optimize interest rate yields

Account Analysis

  • In-depth review of fee and yields

  • Benchmarking against peer group

  • RFP (request for proposal) development and evaluation

Banks Relationships

  • Assessment of your bank’s financial strength

  • Review of your bank’s product infrastructure

  • Align your bank’s products suite with your needs