International Payments

TurnPointFX is a leading provider of foreign exchange services and international payments. With TurnPointFX, you can easily:

  • Create and execute Spot Transactions and Forward Contracts online or over the phone.

  • Pay beneficiaries by Wire Transfer or Bank Draft.

  • Choose from several different settlement methods including wire transfers, BACS, SEPA, foreign drafts, and direct debit.

  • Manage future cash flows with bulk FX purchase and our payment scheduler.

  • Full adherence to international banking and compliance requirements.

  • Comprehensive transaction reports for efficient reconciliation.

  • Process multiple payments in just a few simple steps.

  • Upload and manage beneficiary templates for repetitive payments.

  • Connect to our platform via your ERP system.

Currency Risk Management

Our experienced risk management team will work in partnership with your company to create comprehensive risk mitigation strategies.  TurnPointFX offers a full range of risk hedging services including:

Free risk management consultation - Creating custom strategies is at the core of good quality risk management.  We provide a free risk management consultation to develop the most optimal strategy for your business.  

Through this consultation we will:

  • Develop an understanding of your business;

  • Gauge your company’s attitude toward risk;

  • Identify areas where your company is open to risk exposure, and;

  • Develop a mutual and aligned set of goals and metrics.

Through this process, we will develop a risk management strategy that mitigates your risk and exposure, protects your balance sheet, and identifies opportunities to enhance your financial position.

Our risk management services include:

  • Forward Contracts

  • FX Orders

  • Window Forwards

  • Balance Sheet Hedging

  • Cash Flow Hedging

  • Net Investment Strategy

  • Forecasted Transactions

  • Currency Options and Option Strategies

  • Non-deliverable Forwards

  • Cross-Currency Swaps


Repatriation of Funds

Receive foreign currency payments from abroad.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Providing the ability to deposit and hold multiple currencies. Interest bearing where applicable.

Multinational Mergers & Acquisitions

Managing the FX risk associated with pending future mergers or acquisitions.

International Treasury Management

  • Review treasury practices

  • Analyze payment processes

  • Identify working capital efficiencies

  • Optimize interest rate yields

  • Gain visibility into cash position on a global basis.

Account Analysis

  • In-depth review of fees and yields

  • Benchmarking against peer group

  • RFP (request for proposal) development and evaluation

Banks Relationships

  • Assessment of your bank’s financial strength

  • Review of your bank’s product infrastructure